• Guess The Star

    Guess The Star

    Jonathan Ross hosts Guess The Star. Featuring three celebrity teams from Diversity, Coronation Street and ITV Daytime competing against each other to try and guess the famous face hidden under the disguises.

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  • Even Better Than The Real Thing

    Even Better Than The Real Thing

    Paddy McGuinness hosts Even Better Than The Real Thing. Five tribute acts perform hits from music legends including George Michael, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and John Lennon. After the performances the studio audience vote for their favourite act of the night, and that performer is crowned ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing.’

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  • Last Commanders

    Last Commanders

    Last Commanders is a new game show for CBBC featuring groups of children aged 10-14 who answer a distress call from Kadian’s Last Commander, Sky Zero. Sky and her agents have enlisted the help of the children to defeat the evil supercomputer Sciron and prevent the population of Kadia from the Perfection Virus, making them immune to all disease but with the consequence of becoming emotionless husks.

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  • The Hour BBC One Wales

    The Hour BBC One Wales

    The Hour is a ground-breaking new current affairs show travelling the length and breadth of Wales putting people at the centre of politics. Live social media moderation, responsive graphics and content presented across multiple screens on set bring the viewers into the heart of the show alongside the studio audience.

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  • Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme

    Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme

    Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme sees two teams compete to solve a series of rhyming challenges shown as cartoon style animations. Each contestants is teamed up with two celebrities. The team that has the most points at the end of the game goes through to the final round and a chance to win a holiday.

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  • Sing Ultimate A Cappella

    Sing Ultimate A Cappella

    Thirty of the UK’s best a cappella groups face off in a competition to win the chance to record and release an album and Christmas single.

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  • Richard Osman’s House of Games

    Richard Osman’s House of Games

    Each week four celebrities are challenged to a variety of trivia, general knowledge and word games. Each show finishes with a quick fire round deciding the daily winner, culminating with the week’s champion crowned on the Friday.

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  • Countdown


    Countdown is one of the world’s longest running quiz shows and a staple of Channel 4’s daytime schedule. In 2017 as part of a set and technology refresh, Kinetic Pixel began supplying the scoring and clock control systems.

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  • The Boss

    The Boss

    The Boss is a new daytime quiz for BBC One hosted by Susan Calman. Five contestants battle for supremacy in a test of their tactics and general knowledge. Only one of them can be The Boss and organise their workers to build the biggest prize pot, but there’s a twist; any of the contestants can challenge The Boss at any time to take control of the game, and the prize fund, for themselves.

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  • Loteri Cymru Weekly Draw

    Loteri Cymru Weekly Draw

    Loteri Cymru’s Weekly Draw on S4C is a graphics-only presentation of draw results and winners information. The draw and 3D map graphics are built in a few short minutes after the weekly draw has closed – only made possible by building on our experience of real-time rendering and systems integration.

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  • Five Gold Rings – Series 1

    Five Gold Rings – Series 1

    Five Gold Rings is a brand new interactive gameshow from ITV Studios and Talpa Global. Two couples compete for a prize pot of €25,000 by identifying and encircling the correct answer on a 7-metre wide interactive LED floor.

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  • Tenable


    Hosted by Warwick Davies, Tenable is a brand new show for ITV that plays with the nation’s obsession with top 10 lists. A team of players have to identify the top 10 in a given category to keep all their players in the game and to get a chance to play for a jackpot of up to £125,000.

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Welcome to Kinetic Pixel – Creators of game show systems, studio automation, interaction and real time graphics systems for the broadcast, live event and entertainment industries.

Building on over 20 years of experience designing and delivering systems for some of the biggest entertainment formats both in the UK and Overseas, Kinetic Pixel enables format producers to use technology to deliver and enhance their productions to make them stand apart, by providing the highest production values and most innovative technical solutions in the business.

Since our formation in November 2013, we’ve built the technology powering some of the UK’s biggest light entertainment formats for all the major UK networks including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

We are also the only broadcast technology supplier in the UK who can supply, integrate and automate Microsoft’s new Skype TX platform, enabling broadcasters and production companies to bring video calling into the production workflow with the same high standards as any other video or audio source.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Group Video Calls with Skype and Quicklink TX

    Group Video Calls with Skype and Quicklink TX

    Building on our experience with Skype TX, we’ve come up with something that will enable broadcasters to easily simulate a Skype Group Video Call (GVC) using multiple channels of Skype TX. Integrating Skype TX with our real-time graphics systems and experience with live automation and control means that a single operator can easily manage multiple calls, animating on cue and resolving to additional graphics as required.

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  • Kinetic Pixel Showreel 2015

    Kinetic Pixel Showreel 2015

    Kinetic Pixel’s 2015 showreel demonstrates the wide range of graphics and technology solutions we provide for Light Entertainment, Quizzes and Events.

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  • Virgin Disruptors Skype TX Group Video Call

    Virgin Disruptors Skype TX Group Video Call

    For the 2015 Virgin Disruptors Conference Kinetic Pixel supplied and managed multiple channels of Skype TX and delivered our Group Video Call graphics system to bring remote contributors from education providers Teach For All and The Khan Academy into a lively debate entitled ‘Is Education Keeping Up With The 21st Century?’

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  • Skype TX Case Studies

    Skype TX Case Studies

    Kinetic Pixel are experts with Skype TX. We can integrate it into your technical workflow and get the highest quality content from contributors on any platform, be it mobile, PC, tablets or smart TVs.

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  • Skype TX blazing the trail for higher quality streaming video

    Skype TX blazing the trail for higher quality streaming video

    According the The Huffington Post, Skype TX is driving production demands for higher standards of streaming video solutions. Kinetic Pixel are experts at designing and integrating Skype TX solutions, from complex group video calls with automated audio and video routing to more traditional point-to-point video calls, we can supply, install and support Skype TX to fit exactly with your production requirements.

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  • Kinetic Pixel and International Production Solutions

    Kinetic Pixel and International Production Solutions

    Kinetic Pixel are pleased to announce the launch of International Production Solutions, a collective of broadcast professionals offering a one-stop shop for services from format creation and production design to music creation, lighting design and computer systems.

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  • Pointless wins the 2014 Rose d’Or for Best Game Show

    Pointless wins the 2014 Rose d’Or for Best Game Show

    Against competition from “Die Deutschen Meister” and “The Common Demoninator”, Pointless has taken the award for Best Game Show at the 53rd Rose d’Or ceremony in Berlin.

    Congratulations to the entire Remarkable Television team at Endemol, it’s a well deserved win. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we think it’s arguably one of the smartest and most entertaining quiz shows currently on air in the UK.

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  • Skype TX Manufacturing partners announced

    Skype TX Manufacturing partners announced

    Skype have today announced the OEM hardware partners they’ll be working with to deliver the Skype TX technology. This is fantastic news for broadcasters – and we’re sure we’ll start seeing the units in galleries across the world. Kinetic Pixel can help you maximise the investment in Skype TX, being a select partner on the TAP early adopters programme has given us experience of rolling out the system on several productions in the UK.

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  • Gesture control interfaces

    Gesture control interfaces

    People are always looking for new ways to interact with computers, and one thing we get asked for time and time again is…. “Can we make a screen that looks like Minority Report?” The answer of course is “Yes, but…”. The condition being that in the movie, everything you see was created in post-production, so it’s easier to make something that’s seamless and responsive when the CGI team can already see what actions the user is performing. What they are […]

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  • Amazing Greys on ITV1

    Amazing Greys on ITV1

    Starting on the 12th April, ITV1 brings us a battle between the generations – Amazing Greys.  Hosted by Angela Rippon and Paddy McGuinness, this new family show brings elderly competitors who were, or still are, at the top of their competitive game or world-class experts in their field, and pits them against a team of cocky youngsters.  The challenges range from powerlifting, music quizzes, geography, cycling, bowls, strength competitions to valuing antiques! There are in excess of 20 games throughout […]

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  • Fifteen to One returns to our screens this weekend.

    Fifteen to One returns to our screens this weekend.

    After 11 years off our screens, Fifteen To One is back on Channel 4, driven by Kinetic Pixel’s gameplay and lighting control systems. KPX designed the software that runs the gameplay, lighting states, sound effects, buzzers, production statistics and questions and other information fed to Sandi’s iPad. KPX also provided the equipment and automation hardware, and a staff of two for the run of 20 daytime shows and 4 celebrity specials, hosted by comedian Adam Hills. We’re looking forward to […]

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  • News Coverage from the Western Mail

    News Coverage from the Western Mail

    Business support organisation Business In Focus have worked closely with us since our inception. We’re featured in their supplement in today’s Western Mail and Echo where we talk about the business and our growth plans.

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  • TBI Vision news post about KPX

    TBI Vision news post about KPX

    Prominent Broadcast business blog TBI has broken the news of KPX’s foundations, in the context of a major business deal between Microsoft and the company some of director’s worked for previously.

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  • Broadcast Tech Trends

    Broadcast Tech Trends

    An outlook on broadcast technology trends in the coming year. The fourth item down basically describes the services KPX provide – so TV Producers – you know who to call! “Technologies Collaborate – Complex Staging in Reality TV Shows like Idol and The Voice, as well as game shows like Who wants to be a Millionaire?, have become popular all over the world. Their successors continue to gain popularity especially in Europe and Asia. These shows feature complex stages with […]

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  • Brand New 15 to 1

    Brand New 15 to 1

    We’re just about to record show 1 of the revamped 15 to 1. Wish us luck!

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  • Just got the keys!

    Just got the keys!

    We’ve moved in to the new unit with enough room to build and test our show systems. It’s nice to have a bit of space – for now!

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