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Show control system

Kinetic Pixel are experts in creating interactive, tightly synchronised systems that fully automate all of the effects that help define those key moments in a modern entertainment format.

Whether it’s that triumphant moment when a contestant gives a “Pointless” answer, synchronising graphics, lighting systems and sound effects or the complex video and audio routing along with lighting integration and information screens when a Skype caller speaks to Drs. Dawn and Christian on Embarrassing Bodies, Kinetic Pixel have the know-how, the software and the hardware to bring these technologies together to create those moments that your viewers will remember.

We always use industry-standard technologies and protocols, industrial grade integration devices and our own bespoke technology when there’s nothing else that quite fits.   Our show control software and the underlying platform is built on many years of experience and is robust and capable of the most critical tasks whether we’re on the treadmill of multiple shows a day where everything just has to work, every time, or during a live transmission where there’s only one shot at getting it right.

We’ve got years of experience and a network of great contacts and relationships with many different departments in studio, from lighting, sound, screen suppliers, set design, art department and prop builders.  We can confidently speak everyone’s language and can quickly see how our systems can help each department realise their ideas.


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