Embarrassing Bodies

Graphics and automation control room

Embarrassing Bodies – Live From The Clinic is the successful spin-off from the Embarrassing Bodies franchise that breaks revolutionary new ground with it’s use of Skype live on air to allow patients to talk live to either the hosts or one of the medical professionals on hand to give consultations during the show.  As well as supplying and operating the graphics systems for the LED wall in the studio, Kinetic Pixel designed and managed the end-to-end contributor systems.

We had a number of crews around the country to go to the contributor’s locations with a researcher, a laptop and a satellite broadband kit.   The technician would ensure that the lighting and room conditions were the best possible, and configure and manage the Skype call during the show

In studio, we ran a team of operators who were assigned two contributors each.  These operators would engage with the contributors leading up the show, and had control of the audio and video return feeds prior to going on air through our touch-screen systems and the back-end routing automation.  The operators would also record video clips of each contributor for use on the array of screens behind the presenters.

During the live TX, our systems automatically manage the call workflow, routing the Skype video to our graphics systems, fading up the audio from the correct contributor to go to the truck, and automatically sending the contributor the correct video and audio return feeds so they can participate in the show.

It’s a sophisticated system, and a great showcase of how Skype TX can be used in a multi-channel setup with automation and bespoke graphics.


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