Five Gold Rings – Series 1

Five Gold Rings is a brand new interactive gameshow premiering in January 2017 on SBS6 in The Netherlands and later in 2017 on ITV in the UK.

Two couples compete to win up to €25,000 by finding the correct answer on the LED floor.  Each game is simple to understand, and the players just have to encircle the correct answer position with their ring.  As the game progresses, the rings get smaller, but their prize pot increases.  A tense end game pitches the two teams against each other and only one of them can leave with their prize money.

Kinetic Pixel have been a key part of the development and the creation of the technology powering the show since the early demos and pitches to UK networks in Autumn 2015.   Our brief was that the LED floor should appear to be intelligent and detect when the players’ rings were placed on the floor. Along with the gameplay graphics, control systems and studio automation, Kinetic Pixel also designed and specified the content structures allowing each territory to deliver it’s own culturally-specific content, including complex animations and layers, and for that content to ‘drop in’ to our computer systems allowing playout of any of the game types with ease.

To detect the rings, we have designed and built a unique computer-vision based ‘learning’ system that can scan the floor in a fraction of a second and detect the position of the ring with pixel perfect accuracy.   Every pixel counts and a single pixel can be the difference between winning and losing, so the accuracy of our unique technology is crucial to the show.

Kinetic Pixel have worked very closely with ITV Studios, Possessed and Talpa Global to ensure that each territory can supply their own visually stunning content and easily play their games on the LED floor.  Smart content management, the leveraging of standard broadcast technology and our bespoke ring detection and gameplay systems means Kinetic Pixel have enabled this unique show to be made anywhere in the world.

Working from Talpa’s studios near Amsterdam, we’ve made the first series for the UK and The Netherlands, and several pilots for other countries.

SBS6 ITV Studios press release


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