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Starting in January 2016, Insert Name Here is a new panel show from 12 Yard Productions and Black Dog Television for BBC Two. Hosted by Sue Perkins and featuring Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe as team captains, the teams battle it out each week to answer questions about famous and notorious people past and present all whom share the same first name. The winners get to proclaim who they think has earned the right to be the greatest ever bearer of that first name. This entertaining show has lots of comic banter, funny facts and unusual stats about each of the name-bearers.

Kinetic Pixel were commissioned to provide technology for the pilot in April 2015, and were able to deliver a working system within a week. The series, recorded between December 2015 and January 2016, involved a large amount of asset management and perfect timing from our operator to reveal assets on cue as the punchline for many of the jokes. We also provided our robust and reliable buzzer systems, with integration of sound and lighting cues and of course the all important scores!

The first episode is available on iPlayer from the 4th January 2016.


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