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Starting in JULY 2015 on ITV2 and hosted by Rick Edwards with Katherine Ryan and David Morgan, Safeword puts celebrities’ professional lives under the microscope during a comedy ‘roast’ by the opposing panel. The teams score points depending on how long they allow the roasting to continue, as the comedians dig deeper hoping to find a topic that will push the guest over the edge and force them to use their ‘Safeword’.

Our clients at STV Productions needed a way of posting any type of content, often ad-libbed during the recording, to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as soon as the guest approves it. The host needed to be able to quickly type and edit messages direct to air, with hashtags and mentions and heavy use of Emoji. Using a variety of Apple, Android and Windows devices we could take videos and images taken on set straight through to graphics and available immediately for social media.

The ‘reveal’ moment when the guests realise the messages are genuinely being posted is augmented by seeing their followers comments. Using a web browser and some custom image processing lets us isolate the relevant content as quickly as the production team identify the comments they wanted to feature.

Custom image and video capture software allowed us to capture stills and video from the mixer or from any browser content, such as Snapchat or Vine, and quickly clip, ingest and present straight to air and on to other social media platforms.

Although the show was pre-recorded, the social media interaction is very much live meaning that once the post is out there, millions of followers retweet, share, comment, post pictures and videos in response – often in disbelief at what they’ve seen!  Our custom systems allowed the production to react to and incorporate any type of content into the show within seconds.


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