Loteri Cymru Weekly Draw

In April 2017, South Wales based Loteri Cymru launched a new society lottery benefiting good causes across Wales.  Choosing five lucky numbers gives players a chance to win up to a £25,000 jackpot.  The weekly draw is televised every Friday night by the Welsh language public service broadcaster S4C during an advert break between two of the network’s highest rated shows.

The length of the transmission slot means there is a lot of information to get across in just 2 and a half minutes.  How to play, information about the charitable fund Hanfod Cymru and it’s beneficiaries, details of the previous weeks’ winners and of course the draw itself.  The decision to build the production around a combination of preset VTs and a graphics-only presentation with voice-over means the focus is on the graphics to deliver the excitement and drama of the draw and the important weekly narratives and headlines.

We introduced the producers, Slam Media, to Bomper Studio, a local boutique CGI studio. In partnership with Bomper, we designed an innovative technology solution merging pre-rendered interstitials, backplates and 3d models with our custom software and real-time rendering systems.  Our software enables us to quickly build real-time data driven animations of a 3D map of Wales and create real-time sequences for the weekly draw within minutes of the draw closing on Friday evening.

The draw closes at 7PM and airs at 8PM, so quick delivery of the draw results is critical.  We’ve built a fully redundant draw management and rendering system that defines and renders the draw sequences in less than 60 seconds from start to finish. This is run in parallel on two powerful custom built graphics servers.  The video files are delivered using the Avid DNxHD file format for quick ingest into the Avid edit timeline. Finally our draw process is fully audited by independent adjudicators.  Once the bilingual voice-over has been added and the edit completed, the entire package is ready for transmission less than 15 minutes after the draw closing at 7PM.

The video below shows the Loteri Cymru Weekly Draw from the 28th April 2017. Tight integration between Cinema 4D and Ventuz 5 allowed us to take the pre-rendered slates and animation splines direct from Bomper Studio’s 3D models. Coupled with real-time animation, careful matching of lighting, depth of field and filtering effects helps create a seamless package that will deliver a varied visual experience every week.


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