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Airing since 2008, Only Connect was a cult hit on BBC4 and moved to BBC2 in 2015 where it has attracted a massive audience share. In the show two teams of elite contestants compete against each other in a series of rounds. Round 1 involves finding a connection between four clues which are shown sequentially. However,  they must act quickly as they are against the clock and have the opportunity to sore bonus points by guessing the connection before all clues are revealed. Round 2 involves guessing the next in a sequence of clues again as early as possible. Round 3  involves a the Connecting Wall in which the teams are shown a grid of 16 clues and must find the connecting between the clues to group them into 4 groups of 4. The final involves a series of word puzzles which are played head to head on the buzzer.

Our team designed and built the control systems, gameplay and graphics in 2009 and have continued to support it through the a transition that saw Kinetic Pixel taking over the supply and operation of the shows technology systems in 2013. The intervening years have seen us complete a full graphics refresh, and a number of gameplay enhancements and modifications to question types. In 2016, the system was integrated with our off-the-shelf question management system, Quiz Master.

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