The Boss


The Boss is a new daytime quiz for BBC One hosted by Susan Calman. Five contestants battle for supremacy in a test of their tactics and general knowledge. Only one of them can be The Boss and organise their workers to build the biggest prize pot, but there’s a twist – any of the workers can challenge The Boss at any time to take control of the game, and the prize fund, for themselves.

The show involves the five contestants responding to questions using a combination of verbal answers, on-the-buzzer games and touchscreen games. The player acting as The Boss has to take the role of a tactician, and assess which of their ‘workers’ is best placed to answer a particular category of question. The decision making and statistics for each player are available to the producers through an information system that forms part of our system. The producers can use this data to inform the host whether or not The Boss has made the right choices as the game progresses.

Multiple touchscreens interfaces, dozens of different question types and systems integration with set, lighting and sound are all easily handled. Bespoke games were built on top of our software platform. Our adaptable graphics renderer meant we could quickly built templates for each of the games. Our combination of off-the-shelf hardware and bespoke electronics were employed for the on set contestant interfaces and podiums.

The production schedule quickly scaled up to four shows per day, and with a tight turnaround in the edit the series started airing on BBC One in April 2017.


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