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The Wheel is Michael McIntyre’s inspired new gameshow designed around the limitations created by Covid-19. 7 celebrity experts are strapped in to a giant revolving wheel, which randomly selects one of them to assist the contestant in answering multiple-choice questions in order to build up their prize fund. The game is unforgiving – one wrong answer and the contestant loses control of the game, and another random player takes their place.

Working closely with Steel The Scene and AVW Controls, Kinetic Pixel designed and built a control system and live graphics enabling full control over the speed and random position of the wheel, synchronising the floor graphics rotation with the spin of the wheel. Lighting triggers are also synchronised live to the wheel’s position and speed. These elements, along with the integration of Potion Picture‘s graphic design elements into our real-time gameplay animations creates an incredible spectacle on camera.

The celebrity experts can also play along to every question using an especially design Unity 3D contestant console running on Samsung mobile phones attached to their seats. Our usual best of breed control, graphics and content management engine does all the heavy lifting of ensuring the production team can load and edit questions moments before the show, and all the gameplay is logged for compliance purposes and the fully random wheel behavior can be audited.

The format is being distributed world-wide by Warner Brothers. Our systems can easily be adapted for any territory, language or budget – and even delivered as a turnkey system with full installation, training and remote support.


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