Un Cwestiwn

Un Cwestiwn (One Question) is a new quiz  for older children on the Welsh language channel S4C.  Hosted by Iwan Griffiths, the challengers play a series of general knowledge, visual, logic and puzzle games to earn the right to be the last player standing and take on the challenging Final Question.  As the game progresses, a higher collective score eliminates more of the possible multiple-choice options from the Final Question, but only the highest scoring individuals will get to progress to the next round.

Kinetic Pixel consulted closely with Boom Cymru on the development of the format from the initial treatment through to the tuning and levelling of scoring and game durations. A number of our suggestions for gameplay and format points were incorporated into the final show, resulting in a well balanced, challenging and entertaining show.

The logo and title design came from design agency Elfen, but their design remit did not extend into the gameplay or presentation graphics. Using the font and colours from the logo as a starting point, we created an animation design and visual language for the gameplay graphics that complemented the logo and production design.  The brief was to create bright and bold two-dimensional graphics with strong orange and white colours.  Clean and legible design became important to present what could often be very text-heavy questions, especially for the final ‘Un Cwestiwn’ which is revisited after each round.

A number of the games required playout of pre-rendered game assets, using specific timings and assets for memory games, spelling and arithmetic puzzles.  In a first for Kinetic Pixel, we won the contract to design and provide over 200 pre-rendered question videos.   Using Adobe After Effects and Google’s cloud collaboration tools, we developed a streamlined workflow that allowed the producers to submit content requests, review the status of completed assets and sign-off each question for delivery efficiently.  Our responsibility for the gameplay graphic design meant that we were able to seamlessly integrate with the real-time elements of our graphics, and gave the producers a single point of contact for the visual and technical aspects of the games, reducing the number of third parties involved in the process and streamlining costs significantly.

The entire system was built using our first-class game engine, enabling reporting of buzzer timings, clear and concise information displays, seamless integration of lighting and sound cues and the ability to pick up and undo without delay at any point during the shows.

Children’s television is always made on a tight budget; So to turn around 16 shows in just 4 recording days meant the reliability and ease of installation of our systems was as important as ever. Un Cwestiwn debuted on S4C in January 2019 and is now in its third series. Watch it on the BBC iPlayer





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