Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Kinetic Pixel’s team members have been involved with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in various roles since the format became a world-wide hit for Celador International at the turn of the century. Over the years, our team have put their mark on the graphics for many international versions of the show, and designed and programmed more variations of the Fastest Finger First games and Ask The Audience voting mechanics than we can remember.

In recent years, we have provided studio technical support with iUK Systems in the UK for Chris Tarrant’s final show and Christmas Special. The Live Christmas Special required our real-time graphics expertise to make modifications to the shows iconic looping logo animation to reflect the special nature of the show.

In 2015, a refresh of the USA franchise brought back elements of classic Millionaire, re-introducing the incremental money tree and 50/50 and Ask The Audience lifelines. Working alongside iUK Systems, Kinetic Pixel were responsible for the graphic and animation rework to bring these key format points back to show, with our work visible on all aspects of the presentation including the keyed graphics and the large LED wall at the rear of the set.  On-going work on the French franchise has meant the show is constantly evolving, with the introduction of picture questions in 2017, requiring significant work on the graphics presentation.

In Autumn 2018, Kinetic Pixel were invited by Stellify Media and Sony Pictures Television to take on the ongoing support, maintenance and delivery of the question systems and real-time graphics systems for the UK show.  Our remit was take over from the previous technology partner and to improve on the quality of service, technical delivery and graphics presentation for the new 2019 series.

Kinetic Pixel were asked to draw on our experience of numerous iterations of the systems across many territories and design and manufacture new Fastest Finger First devices.  Reusing the existing tablet PCs , we created custom vacuum moulded cases, integrated mounting plates to attach to the podiums, and custom button bars using high-quality metalwork and video arcade machine parts. The new units include LED feedback of the player’s input, and braille key-caps for visually impaired players.

 Our history and experience with the format makes us a sensible and safe pair of hands for the future of the franchise and we’re looking forward to building a new relationship with Sony Pictures worldwide as the format sees its 20th Anniversary in each territory.


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