Group Video Calls with Skype and Quicklink TX

Building on our experience with Skype TX and working with our partners at Quicklink, we’ve come up with something that will enable broadcasters and producers to easily simulate a Skype Group Video Call (GVC) using multiple units of Quicklink TX.

Our Group Video Call demo uses four channels, but the system can support many more. The only limit is availability of the hardware and the practicality of displaying and managing many calls. You can see some of the calls being placed live during the demo – each call terminates with a public Skype account belonging to one of our team, and the calls can come from any device that supports Skype. Using Quicklink TX’s call management and an additional operator means many more callers could be introduced into the GVC in turn, taking a caller out of vision, accepting a new caller on a particular channel, and then bringing that caller back into vision.

This has major advantages over just scan converting a group video call; As well as all the benefits of Quicklink TX, the caller arrangement and prominence of a given caller can be carefully managed by production, rather than left to Skype’s in-built behaviour which can often change focus to a different caller if there’s a lot of background noise.

Integrating Skype TX with our real-time graphics systems and experience with live automation and control means that a single operator can easily manage multiple calls, animating on cue and resolving to additional graphics as required. The whole system can be modified to meet any graphic design for any production.

For more information, please drop us a line or speak to our partners at Quicklink.


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