The Cash Machine


The Cash Machine is a new daytime quiz from the makers of Catchphrase, STV Productions, and hosted by Lorraine Kelly.  Airing on STV in Scotland, the quiz sees four teams taking on a series of visual and general knowledge questions to crack the pin of a giant ATM to win thousands of pounds.

Kinetic Pixel were approached by STV in the last week of May 2019 with studio dates booked for the first week of July 2019.  Having already done numerous technical runthroughs the format requirements were fairly clear. However, STV were in the position of having lost their investment in systems from the previous supplier and needed a full rebuild of the game technology, and to take graphics from Powerpoint style levels of presentation to production quality real-time animations and visualisations.

Logo and title design came from Component Graphics, but their design remit ended there. Kinetic Pixel used Component’s style as a starting point for the storyboards, animation design and visual language of the gameplay graphics, resulting in a look and style that blended seamlessly with the titles but created unique and stylish game design.

Naturally our dedicated and talented team stepped up and delivered a full working system in time for the studio dates, and a prototyped version to use in office runthroughs in just over two weeks from contracts being signed at the end of May.

Our team benefited from the features of our first-class game engine. Game logic, infinite undo and replay, preview systems, animation design and seamless integration of lighting and sound cues are all standard features.  Our consistently high standards of delivery are made possible through many years of investment in the best technology, a strong focus on consistent software design and our insight into the production workflows required of studio graphics and gameplay systems.  The production budget required 6 shows to be recorded across just two days, meaning the reliability and ease of installation of our systems was as important as ever.

Cash Machine aired on STV in September 2019, but you can find it on the STV Player.


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